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You are truly living through a time that will be an indelible part of history, whether it is the history of your community, your business or your family. Is the new ‘normal’ that is emerging a unique opportunity for you to live your best life?

Right now, you can use some of the enforced stopping of ‘stay at home’ orders and the quiet isolation of social distancing, to reflect on the roles you are playing. What roles did you play before the pandemic? What have you learned during this historic global interruption of the everyday? Most importantly, what changes do you want to initiate in the new ‘normal’?

This is a golden opportunity right now to look closely at what is here in your life. Let’s take each question one-by-one and explore it with some mindful journaling:

1. What roles did I play before the pandemic?

Make a list of all the roles you played before the pandemic hit your community. Try to be exhaustive with your list. Did you include things like mentor, best friend, committee member, etc? Now highlight the roles that were significantly impacted by the pandemic. Read through your list slowly, noticing any sensations that arise in your body. Put a check mark next to roles that are fulfilling and a minus next to roles that are depleting.

2. What are the most important lessons I have learned about myself during the pandemic?

Here are a few questions to get you started. What do I miss? What do I not miss at all? What has been surprising? What did I learn about true connections? What did I learn about my courage, flexibility or strength? (Answer only those that feel relevant to you and be sure to add your own questions.)

Write the lessons down without editing.

3.When I imagine my best life, what does it look like?

To help you with this step, review the answers to step 1 and step 2. Once again it is important to refrain from editing yourself. Just write what arises.

What do you want to change or initiate to live your very best life-at work, at home, and in your community? With some added self-awareness comes your opportunity to create or modify your place in history. What change is right here at your fingertips?

Now, today, choose take one step that moves you on that path. It need not be monumental. One small step is all it takes to change the dance!