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About the Institute

Just as we understand that there are innate capacities of our bodies that can be trained to make us more resilient, flexible and stronger, we now know from neuroscience research that there is universal training we can experience that can cultivate and strengthen our mind’s capacities. And, the good news is that it doesn’t require any special equipment or a gym membership. Presenting this training in the context of leading in today’s world is the work of the Institute for Mindful Leadership.

In our retreats and courses, we explore mindful leadership training as a way to strengthen and cultivate four hallmarks of leadership excellence-focus, clarity, creativity and compassion. The training, applicable to employees at all levels, is tailored to each organization and is grounded in neuroscience and the experiences of top business leaders. These offerings recognize the need to more fully develop the mind’s capabilities so that every employee can live his or her life with excellence, at work and at home.

The Founder of the Institute is Janice Marturano, a former Vice President, Deputy General Counsel at General Mills, is a certified mindfulness teacher and author of Finding the Space to Lead, A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership. Since 2006, she has brought her mindful leadership retreats and workshops to organizational leaders and employees from around the world, most recently teaching a capacity crowd at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

To attend one of our scheduled retreats or workshops, please check availability on the Retreats & Workshop page of this website. To find out more about bringing Mindful Leadership training to your organization, please contact our Managing Director,  Peter Thompson at

“As leaders, we are responsible for creating environments in which our colleagues are nurtured and energized, our organizations innovate and flourish, and our communities are respected and supported. It is a complex assignment in a world and global economy that measures time in Internet seconds. Our minds can become distracted by the urgent at the expense of the important and we can become so preoccupied with yesterday and tomorrow that we are no longer able to excel at leading in the present. I invite you to ‘find the space to lead’ by experiencing the offerings of the Institute for Mindful Leadership.”

Janice Marturano – Founder and Executive Director

Janice Marturano discusses the Institute for Mindful Leadership and its mission:

Our Vision

To transform leadership in the 21st century by offering mindful leadership training to cultivate each person’s ability to focus, see clearly, be creative and embody compassion.

Our Mission

Develop and deliver exceptional mindful leadership training and ongoing support to key officers, directors and managers, and to employees at all levels, recognizing that everyone has the capacity to lead with excellence.

Our Programs

The Institute for Mindful Leadership offers open events that support individual and team training opportunities. The Institute also provides individuals and organizations with customized offerings to fit their needs. All Institute workshops and offerings are designed to explore the intersection of mindfulness training and the qualities associated with leadership excellence. Our mindful leadership training affords individuals and organizations the opportunity to transform their leadership abilities and work environments into places of increased innovation, greater focus, improved productivity and engagement.