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Customized Offerings

Professionals trained in Mindful Leadership learn to combine their traditional business and leadership skills with their mindfulness training to develop greater innovation, focus, mindful communication and resiliency.

The Institute can customize the following offerings for your organization:

Introduction to Mindful Leadership – eLearning or in person
This three-hour introductory workshop provides basic Mindful Leadership training, including instructions on how to practice mindfulness, the definition of Mindful Leadership and a look at the meaning of leadership excellence in today’s society.

Mindful Leadership Full Day Workshop – eLearning or in person
This is an immersive, experiential one-day workshop exploring the foundations and everyday applications of mindful leadership and mindful communication. This workshop cultivates the ability to be a more effective and resilient leader and can be tailored for all levels of an organization.

Mindful Leadership 4 Week Course – eLearning
Based on the award-winning book Finding the Space to Lead, participants will explore a wide variety of Mindful Leadership practices and applications.  During the course, participants will learn to strengthen their focus, see past their own filters, cultivate resilience and be more innovative and effective leaders. This course has 4, live and interactive, 90-minute weekly sessions and a Community Forum for peer to peer interactions.

Mindful Leadership for the 21st Century Retreat – eLearning or in person
Janice Marturano will lead a small group in this five-day Mindful Leadership Retreat. More than ever, we need to set aside time and space to explore mindfulness, mindful leadership, and leading with resilience and integrity. Our retreat invites organizational leaders and professionals at all levels to fully explore the mindful leadership training we need to cultivate leadership excellence for the 21st century. Leaders are guided through a series of systematic mindful leadership practices, meditations, leadership excellence reflections, and everyday applications (e.g. mindful meetings, skillful decision-making, leading by inspiration, and other proven mindful leadership strategies).

Contact our Managing Director, Peter Thompson to learn how the Institute for Mindful Leadership can tailor a training that will help the people in your organization realize their potential for leadership excellence.