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Introductory Series from Janice’s Keynote at CNBC’s Future of Work Summit

This is a 4-part Introductory  mini-videos series on Mindful Leadership taught by Janice Marturano at CNBC’s Future of Work Summit. Listen to Janice’s answers to why we need to train our minds and how we can bring the training into our busy lives.

Part 1 of 4: What Do Today’s Leader’s Really Need?


Part 2 of 4: How Does Mindful Leadership Training Work – There are 3 parts to the Institute’s world renowned curricula and all 3 are necessary. Listen to a brief description of Meditation, Leadership Reflection and Purposeful Pauses.


Part 3 of 4: How Mindful Leadership Training Takes us off Auto-Pilot – Watch Janice tell the story of Jim, an executive on his first mindful leadership retreat. Do you see yourself?


Part 4 of 4: Benefits of Mindful Leadership Training – How can you expand your abilities to meet the rush and chaos of today? Watch this talk to learn about the possibilities.

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