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Mindful Leadership Topics

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This playlist contains a number of short videos from a documentary being produced by Jamie Lauren Zimmerman called “Quiet Revolution” . The clips cover the Institute for Mindful Leadership’s approach to various Mindful Leadership Topics including our mission, the impact of the training on leadership, the individual and our society. These videos are the product by Jamie Lauren Zimmerman to be used in her documentary “Quiet Revolution”. The topics covered here are covered in more depth in the book, Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership by Janice Marturano.

Mindful Leadership Presentations

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The Institute for Mindful Leadership has made presentations on Mindful Leadership to groups and organizations around the world. A few of these are documented in these videos. The playlist includes presentations from; Wisdom 2.0 Business at Google Headquarters in New York City, Grand Rounds at the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba and Creating a Mindful Society Symposium in New York City.

Mindful Leadership Interviews

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There have been a great number of requests for interviews to explore Mindful Leadership and the Institute for Mindful Leadership. These include an interview after an overflow workshop by Janice Marturano at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2013, An interview by Tanya Becket, a news anchor for the BBC, a Huff Post live discussion on a New Way to Work (including Arianna Huffington), an interview by Doctor Elise Bialylew and important highlights from a presentation to The Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba.