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“At the World Economic Forum, I saw in person how Janice Marturano’s mindful leadership training could make a real difference in the lives of corporate leaders from around the globe.”
— Arianna Huffington, president and editor- in- chief, Huffington Post Media Group

“Mindful Leadership has transformed my life. As a corporate change agent my ability to understand myself and others better is crucial to bring about skillful and sustainable improvements.”
— Andreas Metzen, senior vice president, DVB Bank SE

“I describe my first mindfulness retreat as life- changing.  Her clarity, encouragement, and reminders to be gentle on ourselves as we learn to be mindful leaders are simply amazing.”
— Gale S. Pollock, major general (ret.), CRNA, FACHE, FAAN

“Janice Marturano has been an inspiration to many at General Mills. Her new book, which explores the framework of mindful leadership, is an excellent read for anyone balancing the complexities of modern life and leadership.”
— Michael L. Davis, executive vice president, human resources, General Mills

“Janice Marturano is a widely- admired executive and a leader in a movement that is changing the shape of our world through mindfulness and emotional intelligence.”
—Chade- Meng Tan, Google’s Jolly Good Fellow and international bestselling author of Search Inside Yourself

“Our Institute of Mindful Leadership Instructor was excellent—patient with our many questions, insightful, professional, and I was quite impressed by her clear dedication to the topic of Mindful Leadership. It was a wonderful training day, which I personally was able to attend and benefit from.”
— Jordan Groebner, Director of Training & Development, MN Department of Public Safety

“This is not some ‘new age mindset’ rhetoric . . . as someone who had no idea what mindfulness was, this has made me a better leader, father, and husband by building the muscle of staying focused ‘on demand.'”
— Joe Ens, vice president, General Mills

“Janice Marturano has walked the path of leadership and knows its challenges firsthand.”
— Pat Barrick, vice president, City Harvest

“Janice has the rare combination of a serious business professional and someone who understands the powerful tools you are teaching.”
— Scott E. Tobe, president, Signature Financial Planning.

“Actually implementing the learning as I moved through the retreat was of tremendous value. It became real to me, not just another proposed way of being.”
— Karen Phipps, president , Compusense Inc.

“I was able to begin to see myself from both the inside and outside…and the impact of not being mindful, on me and those I care about. What a gift.”
— Chip Roe, vice president of Potter Financial Group

“I expected some good self-insight and leadership explorations but not the unique exploration of the bigger/broader connections between myself and the world around me.”
— John Walthour, consumer insights director, General Mills 

“I learned that innovation happens when you allow for space… space comes from silence and mindful leadership training.”
— Kris Burns, director, integrated communications, General Mills, Inc