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Do You Know How To Find Inspiration? A 4-Step Mindfulness Reflection

Stop for a moment and ask yourself this question: ‘When was the last time I felt inspired’? Really inspired, not just interested. If you were inspired by something or someone, it would cause you to stop, to feel and to shift in some way. Sometimes those feelings go all the way to our core. And usually, those shifts affect our behavior, our relationships, and our career.
Inspiration is powerful. Who doesn’t love the feeling of being inspired? And who doesn’t want to be the source of inspiration for someone else? And yet, it is increasingly rare.
Did you stop and ask yourself the question above? If so, you probably had to go pretty far back in your memory to recall a moment when you felt inspired. Take a little time now to call it to mind again and, as you do, see if you can notice the ripple effect of that moment. Are you also noticing any sensations or emotions arising in your body-warmth, tingling, openness, excitement. This is the power of inspiration.
Now, explore a bit more. What specific elements of that moment do you recognize? Was there a courageous act or an act of amazing generosity? Was there an incredible discovery requiring out-of-the-box thinking?

Can you begin to find places to put those elements into your work and home life?
Today, more than ever, our society needs inspirational leaders. And you have the capacity to become one. It all begins with understanding what inspires you, and then finding small ways to bring that into your life. An inspired person lives with greater purpose and optimism. When you feel inspired, all those around you will notice it.
Here is a summary of the reflection steps to explore to bring more inspiration into your life and the lives of others:

When was the last time you felt ‘inspired’? (remember:not just interested, inspired)
What sensations and emotions do you notice as you bring that time to mind?
What were the specific elements of that time that inspired you (courage, generosity, risk-taking, etc)?
How can you bring more of those elements into your life-at work and at home?

Try this reflection a few times. What do you discover? Inspirational acts need not be monumental. Small steps can change the dance!
Be well