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I was awakened very early this morning by a distinct chill in the air. Fall’s cooler temperatures had tapped me on the shoulder. Another reminder of the fact that everything changes, I thought, as I sleepily reached for another blanket. Summer had slipped away. It was time to meet a new season.

Of course, it is easy to see and feel the season’s changes. If we live in a climate with deciduous trees, for example, we notice the green leaves give way to beautiful colors, and then we get out the rakes! And we know that different seasons require us to meet them in ways that are unique to that time of the year. As fall approaches, we find the sweatshirts and sweaters, and we put away the shorts and flipflops.

We have come to expect these changes, and we prepare to meet them as they unfold.

Within our lives, everything changes as well. And just as we know how to shift with the environmental changes offered up by nature, we can learn to use our practices to ready ourselves to meet those changes in our lives. But first, we often need to see how we get in our own way. When we refuse to acknowledge changes, or we believe that working extra hard will let us control what unfolds around us, we sabotage our efforts to live with greater ease and clarity.

We can sometimes cling to our beliefs or our current situation with such tenacity that it is exhausting and isolating. Or we can push away reality with such fervor that we are blinded to what will help. When we slowly loosen our grip, we allow for the space to ask a simple reflection questions…what is called for now? How do I skillfully meet this moment, just as it is?

In this time of changing seasons, take a few moments to check in with yourself? What is here? Where are you holding on, or pushing away? Look carefully. What is called for now?