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Connections feed our well-being. And it seems as though we are connected via technology 24/7 to something…our phones, computers, watches, social media. Why then, do we still feel more isolated than ever? Could the answer have something to do with what human beings really need to feel the kind of connection that is nourishing and meaningful? Or, could it be that many of the most popular connections via technology are draining and upsetting, rather than nourishing and meaningful?


Rather than presume to tell you the answer to questions like this, I’d like to offer you a mindfulness reflection that might help you discover what is true for you, and then discover what I call a ‘small step’ to begin to experiment with living differently.


A mindfulness reflection on connections:

  1. Find a quiet place to sit comfortably and bring an intention to be open and curious about whatever arises for you during your reflection.
  2. Allow your eyes to gently close and bring your attention to your breath for a few minutes.
  3. When you are ready, bring to mind a person who you feel, or have felt, close to in a positive, nourishing way. Pay attention to thoughts, emotions and body sensations that arise. Perhaps you notice a warmth in your body, or a lightness in the center of your chest. Allow yourself to stay with the sensations for a while. Now bring to mind others to whom you feel, or have felt, a positive connection. Again, allow yourself to notice what arises.
  4. The final step is to open your eyes and, with these feelings present in your mind, heart and body, make two conscious, small steps to bring more of these kinds of connections in your life. Specifically, what is one small step I will take today to lessen the ‘connections’ that are draining (e.g put down all tech when I am eating a meal, limit social media to 15 minutes per day) and one small step I will take today to strengthen the nourishing connections (e.g. make a call rather than send a text, plan a lunch, take a new class). Be courageous! Experiment with small steps-what do you notice? When you are ready, choose to take another step.

One small step changes the dance!! Enjoy!

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