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So many people I encounter around the country are upset about the future these days. Where are we heading? Why are things becoming increasingly divisive and what will that do to our ability to live together? Why does there seem to be a license to say exclusionary or hurtful things? Are we forgetting the adage ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’?

As we watch the dust settle on our season of holidays and end of year parties, can we find some time for reflection? Perhaps just 10-15 minutes… Make the reflection simple and personal. Sit quietly and just ask the question: as I consider some or all of the questions above, is my influence everyday having an impact ‘for better’ or ‘for worse’? Is there one small step I can make to move my community, my family, my organization, my country in a positive, nourishing, healing direction?

And before you say that you can’t really have an influence on what you see and hear and read, stop for a moment and consider that everyone has an influence, and that a single act often has ripples that go far beyond anything we could imagine. So, try the reflection and write down your intention. What you learn may serve as a guide in the coming year. What is the small step you will take, what small action or intention will you make to create a ripple?