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Matt Tenney from The Mindfulness Edge Podcast interviews Institute for Mindful Leadership Executive Director Janice Marturano on how mindfulness training helps us to develop the influence that is essential for leadership, with or without a professional title.



Show Notes

3:19 – Janice’s life goal

4:11 – How mindfulness training helps us to develop the influence that is essential for leadership, with or without a title

8:04 – Janice’s core values

10:07 – A simple, mindfulness –based tactic that can dramatically improve the productivity of meetings, and thereby reduce the number of meetings we have

14:31 – The greatest personal struggle mindfulness helped Janice overcome

17:23 – The greatest professional benefit she’s received from practicing mindfulness

19:49 – How mindfulness training helps us to create the win-win-win situations that tend to result in better long-term business outcomes

25:00 – The four qualities of leadership excellence that are developed with mindful leadership training

28:57 – Why mindfulness is not about “clearing your mind,” the only three things you need to begin a daily mindfulness practice, and a few things you certainly don’t need

33:44 – How to transform brushing your teeth into an opportunity for leadership development

40:51 – How mindfulness can help us transform a negative habitual reaction into an opportunity to change someone’s life forever in a positive way

46:50 – Why positive thinking won’t work unless you do this first

51:26 – How mindfulness training helps us lead through inspiration instead of leading through expectations

55:35 – The book Janice is currently reading = Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

55:50 – Her favorite online resources for mindful leadership = and the leadership blog on the website for the Institute for Mindful Leadership

56:40 – Some of her favorite living teachers of mindfulness = Jon Kabat-Zinn, Sharon Salzberg, Mingyur Rinpoche, and Saki Santorelli

57:14 – Favorite retreat center = Menla Mountain Retreat Center

57:38 – Favorite books on mindfulness =  Joseph Goldstein,  John Terrant, Mary OliverRead My Pins by Madeleine Albright, and It Worked for Me by Colin Powell

59:09 – If Janice had 60 seconds left to live, here’s the advice she would give how to live an awesome life