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“I cannot begin to adequately tell you what a wonderful experience your mindful leadership training was for me. I’ve come home with a battery of useful techniques for organizational support, change and development, and with a new found sense of personal responsibility, integrity, and intestinal fortitude…”
–G.L.,College Director

Support the Institute for Mindful Leadership’s Scholarship Fund

Businesses and organizations infused with mindful leadership have the potential to shift the planet in a profound and positive way.

In 2016 the Institute for Mindful Leadership gave out over $18,000 in full and partial scholarships to non-profit employees and executives to attend our mindful leadership trainings. Please contribute to our scholarship fund to ensure that those doing important work in our communities continue to have access to the transformative tools of mindful leadership training.

Any donation is fully deductible as the Institute is itself a 501c3 non-profit. Thank you very much for your generosity and support.