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Cultivating Leadership Presence through Mindfulness© Retreat


April 26, 2017 (begins with a 6:00 PM dinner) through April 30, 2017(ends at 11:00 AM)

Cultivating Leadership Presence through Mindfulness© is a 5 day residential retreat that invites organizational leaders to explore mindfulness meditation training in the context of leadership excellence.

Our April retreat returns to Menla in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York. The retreat invites leaders to ‘train the mind’ just as an athlete leverages specialized training to ‘train the body’. In a small group setting, leaders are guided through a series of systematic mindful leadership practices, leadership excellence reflections, and everyday applications (e.g mindful meetings, skillful decision-making, leading by inspiration).

As we explore mindful leadership, we learn to cultivate our ability to focus, see past our own filters, be more innovative and embody compassion. After the retreat, participants are supported in the integration of their training, and the development of a meditation practice, through several weeks of post-retreat e-mails from the Institute. This retreat has been taught to leaders from around the world since 2006.

Feedback from past Cultivating Leadership Presence through Mindfulness© participants:

Geoffrey Lantz, College Director, “I cannot begin to adequately tell you what a wonderful experience the Cultivating Leadership Presence through Mindfulness experience was for me. You have truly developed something that goes beyond mere “leadership training”, and created a life-long learning experience for your participants. For me personally, the retreat was a complete and total success … a wonderful and necessary experience. After reading, “Finding The Space to Lead”, I thought I had a good idea of what I might expect, after all, I’ve been a seemingly successful leader, as well as meditator, for many, many years now. But WOW, was I wonderfully surprised. I’ve come home with a battery of useful techniques for organizational support, change and development, and with a new found sense of personal responsibility, integrity, and intestinal fortitude. Mostly, I’ve obtained a deeper appreciation for how my personal meditative life can positively impact the lives of colleagues.”

Mike Murray, Chief Administrative Officer, “The retreat was of great value. It helped me to step back, reflect on my life and work, and relax, refresh and “reset” physically, emotionally and mentally. The meditation helped most with this, and the introduction to the mindful leadership concepts and tools (mindful conversations, purposeful pauses) was also very helpful.”

Chrissy Janowiak, Pediatrician Physician, “I found the retreat to be extremely valuable, in more ways than I can probably eloquently describe. I feel simultaneously energized to bring my best to my work and my patients and yet more at peace and gentle with myself than ever before. On my first day back in the office, a patient unexpectedly coded [heart stopped] (they are fine now, thank goodness). Later that day after sending the patient to the ER via ambulance, I got a call from the ER that treated the patient. The ER doctor went out of his way to tell me how much the patient’s mother sang my praises and was so grateful for the care I provided and my bedside manner. I’m sure the retreat played a part in this.”

Fee: $2,795

Includes single room, tuition, breakfast, lunch and dinner with the group. There will be several weeks of ongoing virtual support from the instructors after the retreat


Janice L. Marturano, J.D. Author, Finding the Space to Lead Founder and Executive Director, Institute for Mindful Leadership