From 2009 to 2010, we conducted two significant research studies to understand the effects of the Institute’s Mindful Leadership Training.

I.  In the first survey, 80 leaders from 12 organizations who participated in the Cultivating Leadership Presence through Mindfulness© retreat reported the following:

  • 93 percent said the training had a positive impact on their ability to create space for innovation
  • 89 percent said the program enhanced their ability to listen to themselves and others
  • Nearly 70 percent said the training made a positive difference in their ability to think strategically.

II. The second survey explored the impact of the Mindful Leadership and Wellness© training for employees at all levels.

In three seven week mindful leadership courses 72 participants were asked to answer a 19 question survey before the course and again after the course. Every question showed a significant effect. The questions and results are documented here . Since this survey was done, additional surveys of three more courses support the original data.

In 2011, the Institute and Harbin Clinic partnered to study the effects of mindful leadership training on error reduction in the Effect of Mindfulness Training in Radiation Oncology Practice Study

Error prevention in radiation oncology became a significant issue after patient morbidity and death from mistakes in radiation delivery was reported in the lay press in 2010. The study showed definitive conclusions showing that increased mindfulness improved the patient safety culture.