How can mindful leadership training enhance focus, clarity, creativity, resilience and compassion?

Janice L. Marturano, Founder and Executive Director, Institute for Mindful Leadership explains

Welcome to the Institute for Mindful Leadership, a non-profit organization. We offer retreats and workshops that train the mind’s innate capability to be focused, see with clarity, cultivate creativity and embody compassion. Just as we understand that there are innate capacities of our bodies that can be trained to make us more resilient, flexible and stronger, we now know from neuroscience research that there is universal training we can experience that can cultivate and strengthen our mind’s capacity. Mindful Leadership training is fitness for the mind. With dedication and practice, you can transform yourself, your organization and your community. Join us at one of our upcoming retreats or workshops, or contact us at for information about customized training for your organization.


Listen to Janice’s HuffPost Live interview Why The Brain Isn’t Entirely Capable Of Multitasking by clicking here.

Upcoming Retreats and Workshops

October 21-25, 2015
Join Janice Marturano for this intensive exploration of curricula a decade in the making. In the company of professionals from around the world, you will learn to train the mind in the same way that we have learned to train the body.
October, 2015
Join Janice Marturano for this live, interactive, online Workshop. This in-depth training is taught in four sessions October 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2015 -from 7:00 to 8:30 PM (EST). The workshop will also include a ‘participant-only’ online forum where leaders can connect with one another during the workshop.

Leading Differently Retreat: The Power of a Purposeful Pause©

September 23-24, 2015
Join us to explore your ability to train your mind through meditations, leadership reflections and everyday practical applications. A non-residential retreat is available on September 23-24th in Minnesota. (Full – please join one of our other retreats)

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Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership

by Janice Marturano

Winner of 2014 Nautilus Award

Are you facing another “crazy busy” day? Sometimes “leader” seems to mean “person who deals with problems nonstop from morning till night.” What if you could hit the “pause” button on your day, step back, and meet your challenges with a sense of space and clear focus? And what if you had a way not just of “getting things done,” but ensuring that what does get done connects with your deepest values?

Clarity, focus, creativity, and compassion: these are the fundamentals of mindful leadership. In this plainspoken, accessible guide, Janice Marturano, a senior executive with decades of experience in Fortune 500 corporations, explains how to integrate the practice of mindfulness-meditation and self-awareness-with effective techniques of management and mentorship.

(Now in Paperback)

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